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Meet Eden

Eden is tough, even though she’s one of the youngest pups. She doesn’t mind getting dirty, and loves spending time in the garden! While Eden is not the most sensitive pup, her skin is the most sensitive.

But sometimes, Eden’s skin gets itchy and dry.  Good thing Eden’s Gentle Bath Suds has no added fragrances, so she doesn’t have to worry about her skin!

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Meet Parker 

Parker is a momma’s boy; don’t tell him that though. He’s strong-willed and loves to play!

But sometimes, Parker needs some extra comfort. Parker’s Feel Better Bath Suds have eucalyptus and mint to help soothe the sniffles and aches, so he can keep playing!

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Meet Lennon 

Lennon is a ball of sunshine, and loves to be at the beach. She would spend all day dancing in the sun if she could!

But sometimes, the sun can get the best of Lennon. Lennon’s Sunshine Bath Suds have aloe and citrus to nourish her skin, so she can get back to dancing!

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Meet Vinnie

Vinnie is a princess, and princesses live very busy lives. Nothing can stand in the way of her fun!

But sometimes, Vinnie needs help to wind down. Vinnie’s Calming Bath Suds has lavender to get her ready for bedtime, so she can start the next day right!

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About Rew’s

Rew’s Bath Time was founded in 2018 by two Michigan families. Their combined children were the inspiration for the Rew’s pups: Eden, Lennon, Parker, and Vinnie! Our wolf pup mascots are tributes to the children in our lives, and a way to honor Andrew, our late brother. Andrew passed away in 2015, and was lovingly known as just “Rew” and “The Wolf.”

Trying to keep up with four happy, healthy kids is hard work, but perhaps the hardest part was finding safe products for them to use. Like any parent, they wanted the best for their children.

However, kids aren’t a one-size-fits-all thing, and what worked for one didn’t always work for another. On top of that, the fine print on those bottles were full of artificial ingredients, unpronounceable chemicals, and questionable irritants.

A child’s skin is a work in progress, and is especially sensitive to, well, pretty much everything. They knew a natural solution had to be out there! And it was, to an extent. Natural products existed but they were … a little boring.

Second only to a child’s health, their sense of wonder and fun is an important part of their lives. Fun seemed to come at a cost, and the price was a hefty dose of artificial colors and ingredients.

So, the families at Rew’s got to work. With some research and a whole lot of love, they created the first line of Rew’s Bath Time products: safe, cruelty-free, and so much fun!

Bath time is an important part of a child’s health, and a time in which memories are made between parents and their little ones. After all, what’s more fun than a tub full of bubbles? Let your child play and thrive, and let yourself feel confident that you’ve made a safe, healthy choice.


Curious about what goes into our products? Learn more here:

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